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  • Do all travellers:

    Currently live in Australia and hold a valid Australian Medicare card or visa allowing them to live, work or study in Australia?

    Check our travel alerts and advisories for known world events that may affect the cover.

    Limited cover for COVID-19. Further terms and conditions apply, including:

    • Pre-trip cancellation available if you or your travelling companion have COVID-19 and cannot travel. If you buy a policy within 21 days of your travel, we only cover the travel costs you paid within 48 hours of, and after, buying this policy. (For trips starting in advance of 21 days from policy purchase, sub-limits apply with cover only available on some plans).
    • A special excess applies if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 on your trip. It will be deducted in addition to any other excess.
    • There’s no cover for travel to a country on Smart Traveller’s Do Not Travel List, border closures or travel bans.
    • Full details in the PDS available to view on the next page.

    You have a duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation when entering this contract of insurance.

    By continuing, you acknowledge and understand the above.